Quiz #14: Old Testament Cities (11/23/97)

Identify the city that is described.
1. This city was destroyed because of its homosexuality.
A. Sodom
B. Hebron
C. Bethel
D. Dothan

2. God confused the language of all the earth there.
A. Gomorrah
B. Babel
C. Haran
D. Luz

3. The location from which the 12 spies set out.
A. Jerusalem
B. Gilgal
C. Hebron
D. Kadesh

4. The first city captured in the promised land.
A. Gilgal
B. Jericho
C. Ai
D. Jerusalem

5. The sun stood still here.
A. Gibeon
B. Makkedah
C. Beth Horon
D. Aijalon

6. The Benjaminite city in Israel containing several homosexuals.
A. Bethlehem
B. Gibeon
C. Gibeah
D. Jebus

7. The ark of the covenant spent many years in this city.
A. Kirjath Jearim
B. Beth Shemesh
C. Shiloh
D. Beth Aven

8. Sometimes the territory of Israel is described by these two cities:
A. From Ashdod to Bethel
B. From Jerusalem to Tirzah
C. From Dan to Beersheba
D. From Adam to Zuph

9. The capital of Assyria to whom Jonah eventually preached.
A. Tarshish
B. Nineveh
C. Joppa
D. Tirzah

10. The capital city in which Esther lived.
A. Jerusalem
B. Babylon
C. Ur
D. Shushan


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