Quiz #19: Kings Quiz (#1) (1/18/98)

1. This king received yearly 666 talents of gold.
A. David
B. Midas
C. Solomon
D. Nebuchadnezzar

2. This king made Daniel third ruler over his kingdom.
A. Nebuchadnezzar
B. Belshazzar
C. Darius
D. Cyrus

3. This king, upon coming into power, removed Maachah from being queen mother.
A. Abijam
B. Asa
C. Jehoshaphat
D. Ahab

4. This king arranged for the downfall of a man who had cursed him.
A. David
B. Solomon
C. Ahab
D. Jeroboam

5. This king erroneously allied himself with Ahab.
A. Rehoboam
B. Jehoshaphat
C. Joash
D. Amaziah

6. This king ordered children killed in an effort to destroy Jesus.
A. Herod
B. Agrippa
C. Philip
D. Caesar

7. As a youngster, this king was saved by Jehoiada the priest; as an adult, he commanded that Jehoiada's son, Zechariah, be stoned to death.
A. Asa
B. Ahaziah
C. Jehoahaz
D. Joash

8. Although he refused to ask for a sign, this king was given one that involved the virgin birth of Jesus.
A. Ahab
B. Ahaz
C. Ahaziah
D. Amaziah

9. This king vanquished idolatry and kept a Passover unlike any since the days of Samuel.
A. Josiah
B. Jeroboam
C. Jehoshaphat
D. Joash

10. Israel was taken captive by Assyria during his reign.
A. Jeroboam
B. Manasseh
C. Josiah
D. Hoshea


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