Quiz #20: Kings Quiz (#2) (2/1/98)

1. This king set up two golden calves for Israela nd altered worship in other ways.
A. Ahab
B. David
C. Jeroboam
D. Rehoboam

2. This king issued the decree for the Israelites to return home after the captivity.
A. Nebuchadnezzar
B. Cyrus
C. Belshazzar
D. Ahasuerus

3. This king won a battle, then set up in Jerusalem an altar to the god that he had just defeated.
A. Rehoboam
B. Uzziah
C. Amaziah
D. Hezekiah

4. Listening to his false prophets proved fatal to this king.
A. Ahab
B. Amaziah
C. Abijah
D. Asa

5. This king ruled for only one week.
A. Baasha
B. Pekehiah
C. Omri
D. Zimri

6. This king's arrogance let to the division in the kingdom.
A. Jeroboam
B. Rehoboam
C. Hezekiah
D. Manasseh

7. This king, through faith, was able to overcome an ambush by twice the amount of men he had.
A. Abijah
B. Amon
C. Amaziah
D. Ahaziah

8. This king had a dream in which he was the head of gold.
A. Nebuchadnezzar
B. Belshazzar
C. Darius
D. Cyrus

9. As a result of prayer, 15 years were added to this king's life.
A. Rehoboam
B. Hezekiah
C. Azariah
D. Manasseh

10. He was the most wicked king of Judah.
A. Amaziah
B. Ahaziah
C. Azariah
D. Manasseh


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