Quiz #21: Occupations (3/15/98)

1. Cornelius' occupation was:
A. musician.
B. centurion.
C. fisherman.
D. tax collector.

2. Demetrius' occupation was:
A. gladiator.
B. soldier.
C. silversmith.
D. bodyguard.

3. Lydia's occupation was:
A. tentmaker.
B. sewer of garments.
C. nurse.
D. seller of purple.

4. Priscilla's occupation was:
A. tentmaker.
B. cook.
C. maidservant.
D. seller of purple.

5. The Ethiopian eunuch was a(n):
A. treasurer.
B. administrator.
C. tax collector.
D. physician.

6. Joseph's occupation was:
A. silversmith.
B. soldier.
C. carpenter.
D. senator.

7. Luke was known as a:
A. barber.
B. physician.
C. farmer.
D. carpenter.

8. Peter was known as a:
A. farmer.
B. sailor.
C. cook.
D. fisherman.

9. Zacchaeus was known as a:
A. tentmaker.
B. tax collector.
C. treasurer.
D. auditor.

10. Claudias Lysias was a:
A. centurion.
B. governor.
C. pro-consul.
D. commander.


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