Quiz #26: Acts (#1) (3/14/99)

1. He took Judas' place.
A. Joseph
B. Barsabas
C. Justus
D. Matthias

2. He prophesied of the resurrection of Christ.
A. Peter
B. Joel
C. David
D. Israel

3. All the prophets from him onward had foretold "these days."
A. Abraham
B. Samuel
C. Elijah
D. Isaiah

4. He was the high priest.
A. Annas
B. Caiphas
C. John
D. Alexander

5. They fell dead at the feet of Peter for lying to the Holy Spirit.
A. Ananias & Sapphira
B. Aquila & Priscilla
C. Peter & John
D. Theudas & Judas

6. The seven men chosen to serve tables included:
A. Nicanor & Alexander
B. Nicholas & Theudas
C. Stephen & Philip
D. Prochorus & Antichorus

7. The following are mentioned by Stephen.
A. Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob
B. Moses & Pharoah
C. David & Solomon
D. All of the above

8. He preached in Samaria.
A. Saul
B. Stephen
C. Philip
D. Simon

9. Peter raised her from the dead.
A. Tabitha
B. Lydda
C. Dorcas
D. A & C

10. He was called a devout man.
A. Simon
B. Cornelius
C. Peter
D. A & C


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