Quiz #27: Acts (Part 2) (4/4/99)

11. He went to Tarsus to seek Saul.
A. Peter
B. Stephen
C. Barnabas
D. Claudius

12. He was killed with the sword.
A. Herod
B. James
C. John
D. Peter

13. He was the proconsul of Paphos.
A. Simeon
B. Lucius
C. Elymas
D. Sergius Paulus

14. Some mistook Paul for him.
A. Hermes
B. Zeus
C. Barnabas
D. Derbe

15. His answer to the Judaizing teachers was used.
A. James
B. Simon
C. Paul
D. Moses

16. This person obeyed the gospel in Philippi.
A. Lydia
B. Jailer
C. both of the above
D. none of the above

17. This person obeyed the gospel in Athens.
A. Dionysius
B. Areopagus
C. Damaris
D. a + c

18. He was the proconsul of Achaia.
A. Claudius
B. Gallio
C. Aquila
D. Crispus

19. This silversmith hated Paul.
A. Apollos
B. Sceva
C. Demetrius
D. Alexander

20. These men accompanied Paul to Asia.
A. Aristarchus and Secundus
B. Sopater and Gaius
C. Timothy, Tychicus, and Trophimus
D. all of the above


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