Quiz #28: Acts (Part 3) (4/11/99)

21. This man had four virgin daughters.
A. Philip
B. Agabus
C. Trophimus
D. Paul

22. He told Saul of Tarsus to arise and be baptized.
A. Ananias
B. Stephen
C. The Roman commander
D. a + c

23. Who told Paul to be of good cheer?
A. The Sadducees and the Pharisees
B. The Lord
C. Claudius Lysias
D. Felix

24. This great orator spoke out against Paul.
A. Ananias
B. Tertullus
C. Felix
D. Drusilla

25. Paul made a special appeal to him.
A. Festus
B. Agrippa
C. Caesar
D. Felix

26. He was "almost persuaded" to be a Christian.
A. Agrippa
B. Festus
C. Caesar
D. a + b

27. He treated Paul kindly and gave him a measure of liberty.
A. Julius
B. Aristarchus
C. centurion
D. a + c

28. They thought Paul would die because of the viper.
A. Publius and his father
B. Twin Brothers
C. The natives
D. The Jews

29. He was studying Isaiah and was baptized.
A. Philip
B. Ethiopian eunuch
C. Queen's treasurer
D. b + c

30. Peter knocked on this woman's door after being released from prison.
A. Mary
B. Mother of John Mark
C. Rhoda
D. a + b


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