Quiz #32: Bodies of Water (11/14/99)

1. Jesus passed over this brook, where there was a garden: the place where Judas brought troops to take Him.
A. Kidron
B. Kishon
C. Pishon
D. Gihon

2. God told Elijah to camp by this brook, where He would send ravens with food.
A. Jordan
B. Cherith
C. Kishon
D. Kidron

3. Naaman thought that these rivers of Damascus were better than the river he had been commanded to dip in.
A. Amana and Pharpar
B. Abana and Jabbock
C. Pharpar and Gehazi
D. Abanah and Pharpar

4. Many were baptized by John in this river.
A. Jabbock
B. Jordan
C. Kishon
D. Kidron

5. Jacob decided to deposit his wines and possessions on the other side of this river so that he could be alone the night before he met Esau.
A. Jabbok
B. Jordan
C. Cherith
D. Euphrates

6. The 4 riverheads of the river of Eden were:
A. Tigris, Euphrates, Havilah, Hiddekel
B. Tigris, Euphrates, Pishon, Gihon
C. Pishon, Euphrates, Gihon, Hiddekel
D. Havilah, Gihon, Pishon, Tigris

7. Two bodies of water that were boundaries of the promised land were:
A. Sea of Galilee and Great Sea
B. Great Sea and Salt Sea
C. Salt Sea and Euphrates River
D. Great Sea and Euphrates River

8. Jesus fed 4,000 after having skirted this body of water.
A. Persian Gulf
B. Red Sea
C. Salt Sea
D. Sea of Galilee

9. This sea was formerly known as the Valley of Siddim.
A. Salt Sea
B. Sea of Galilee
C. Sea of Chinneroth
D. Sea Minor

10. The Egyptian army was destroyed in this body of water.
A. Salt Sea
B. Sea of Galilee
C. Red Sea
D. Nile River


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