Quiz #33: Animals (#1) (12/12/99)

1. God provided one of these for Abraham to sacrifice in place of his son:
A. ram
B. lamb
C. bull
D. ox

2. Samson killed a lion as another might have killed one of these:
A. tiger
B. young goat
C. swarm of bees
D. dove

3. Hell followed after Death, who sat upon a pale:
A. horse
B. donkey
C. sheep
D. lamb

4. 42 disrespectful youths who ridiculed Elisha were killed by two of these:
A. she wolves
B. she pumas
C. she lions
D. she bears

5. When Aaron threw down his rod before Pharoah, it became a:
A. monkey
B. lizard
C. serpent
D. walking stick

6. Peter denied Jesus three times before this sound was heard:
A. the bleating of a sheep
B. the roar of a lion
C. the crowing of a rooster
D. the screeching of an owl

7. To teach him humility and that God rules in the affairs of men, God made King Nebuchadnezzar eat grass, as:
A. cows
B. oxen
C. hares
D. mules

8. At Jesus' baptism, the Spirit descended upon Him like a(n):
A. eagle
B. pelican
C. raven
D. dove

9. David said that God would deliver him from Goliath just as he did earlier from these two animals:
A. lion, tiger
B. elephant, tiger
C. lion, bear
D. bear, goat

10. Jesus told Peter to feed His:
A. sheep
B. lambs
C. pet turtle
D. a and b


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