Quiz #34: Animal Quiz (#2) (12/19/99)

1. At the last wine bites like a __________ and stings like a _________.
A. lion, bee
B. bear, scorpion
C. serpent, adder
D. shark, wasp

2. The psalmist felt that his enemies had surrounded him, having set their eyes like a:
A. lion
B. tiger
C. eagle
D. bull

3. These cannot change their spots.
A. zebras
B. leopards
C. pumas
D. spotted owls

4. The blood of __________ and ____________ cannot take away sins.
A. goats, rams
B. bulls, kids
C. rams, calves
D. bulls, goats

5. All of these on a thousand hills are God's.
A. cattle
B. elephants
C. giraffes
D. zebras

6. Some people keep, under their lips, the poison of:
A. cobras
B. asps
C. dragons
D. scorpions

7. Some people can swallow a _________ after straining out a __________.
A. buffalo, fly
B. cat, flea
C. camel, gnat
D. goat, mosquito

8. Once every three years merchant ships brought to Solomon ________ and _________.
A. elephants, tigers
B. horses, lions
C. apes, peacocks
D. wolves, zebras

9. False prophets are really hungry:
A. wolves
B. pigs
C. dogs
D. coyotes

10. Earthly treasures can be corrupted by:
A. fleas
B. birds
C. dogs
D. moths


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