Quiz #4: Famous Women (1) (9/14/97)

1. She was the mother of Cain and Abel.
A. Eve
B. Sarah
C. Rebekah
D. Lileth

2. She was the wife of Abraham.
A. Eve
B. Sarah
C. Leah
D. Rachel

3. She was Jacob's favorite wife.
A. Rebekah
B. Leah
C. Rachel
D. Dinah

4. She was the wife of Moses.
A. Miriam
B. Rebekah
C. Jezebel
D. Zipporah

5. She was saved from the destruction of Jericho.
A. Rahab
B. Deborah
C. Ruth
D. Keturah

6. She was a judge over Israel.
A. Zipporah
B. Miriam
C. Deborah
D. Jael

7. This Gentile married two Israelites.
A. Rahab
B. Ruth
C. Esther
D. Leah

8. Her fervent prayers for children were granted.
A. Ruth
B. Hannah
C. Vashti
D. Esther

9. This beautiful woman was also named Hadasseh.
A. Hannah
B. Esther
C. Rachel
D. Keren-Happuch

10. She was David's wife once and again, but bore him no children.
A. Michal
B. Merab
C. Bathsheba
D. Abigail


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