Quiz #5: Infamous Men & Women (9/21/97)

1. His worship was rejected by God.
A. Adam
B. Cain
C. Abel
D. Seth

2. He introduced polygamy.
A. Cain
B. Methuselah
C. Lamech
D. Nimrod

3. This prophet could not curse Israel--with his mouth.
A. Balaam
B. Balak
C. Bildad
D. Abihu

4. He was both profane and hairy.
A. Elimelech
B. Elihu
C. Eli
D. Esau

5. This king tried to kill his righteous successor.
A. Saul
B. David
C. Solomon
D. Samuel

6. This high official tried to destroy the Jews.
A. Mordecai
B. Haman
C. Tobiah
D. Zedekiah

7. She obtained a vineyard for her husband.
A. Jael
B. Jezebel
C. Bathsheba
D. Huldah

8. She killed all the heirs to David's throne (except one).
A. Athaliah
B. Jezebel
C. Jael
D. Lady MacBeth

9. He threw things at and cursed David.
A. Saul
B. Ishbosheth
C. Abner
D. Shimei

10. He disobeyed God's ban on spoils from conquered Jericho.
A. Caleb
B. Othniel
C. Achan
D. Eleazar


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