Compiled by: Gary W. Summers



1. The Reign of Solomon (1-11) a. David's Last Requests (1-2) b. Solomon's Dream and Wisdom (3-4) c. Solomon Builds the Temple (5-8) d. Solomon's Greatness (9-10) e. Solomon's Decline (11) 2. The Kingdom Divides (12) 3. The Divided Kingdom (13-22)
As David nears death, one of his sons (Adonijah) tries to claim the throne, but David establishes Solomon as his legitimate heir. Then he gives instructions to Solomon to take care of some unfinished business from his own reign. Solomon becomes wise, wealthy, and powerful; the kingdom enjoys its greatest expansion. He builds the Lord's house and dedicates it, as well as his own house. But his love of foreign women leads to his downfall. His son Rehoboam does not inherit Solomon's wisdom; he follows bad advice, and the kingdom departs from him. In the northern kingdom, now called Israel (or Ephraim), Jeroboam changes the worship in four ways: object, place, time, and the priesthood. The south, hereafter usually referred to as Judah, continues the seed line of David while the north is ruled by various dynasties. Judah is generally more faithful to God, but both kingdoms degenerate until taken captive.
2 The End of the Ungodly. 6:1 The 4th Year of Solomon's Reign is the 480th Year After Leaving Egypt. 4:32 Solomon's Talent in Writing 3,000 Proverbs and 1,005 Songs (Psalms 72 and 127). 10:14, 23-27 Solomon's Multiplying of Wealth and Horses (see also Deut. 17:16-17). 11:3-4 Solomon's Multiplying of Wives Leads to his Downfall. 12:25-33 Jeroboam Leads Israel into False Worship (2 Kings 17:21). 13 The Man of God and the Importance of Not Taking Another's Word for Something. 18:17 "Is that you, O troubler of Israel?" 18:21 "...'How long will you falter between two opinions? If the Lord is God, follow Him; but if Baal, then follow him.' But the people answered him not a word." 18:37-39 "The Lord, He is God. The Lord, He is God!" 22 Ahab and Micaiah.
3:9-14, 16-28 Solomon Asks for and Receives Wisdom (an example of it). 8 The Dedication of the Temple. 14:11-13 The Death of the Innocent. 16 Elijah's Miracles. 17 The Victory over the False Prophets. 22 Micaiah Stands Up for the Truth Against Ahab and the Ungodly.
10-11 Too Much Prosperity, Too Many Women, Not Enough Faithfulness. 12:1-24 Too Much Foolishness. 12:25 Too Much Fear. 16:34 Too Much Presumption. 21:1-19 Too Much Greed. 22:1-4 Too Much Fellowship (see also 2 Chron. 19:2).

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