Compiled by: Gary W. Summers



1. After the Death of Joshua... (1:1-2:23) a. Israel's Relationship to People in the Land (1) b. God Quits Fighting for Israel (2) 2. The sin-servitude-sorrow-salvation cycle commences (3-16) a. Othniel (3:1-11) b. Ehud (3:12-30) c. Shamgar (3:31) d. Deborah and Barak (4-5) e. Gideon (6-8) f. Abimelech (not a judge) (9) g. Tola, Jair (10:1-5) h. Jephthah (10:6-12:7) i. Ibzan, Elon, Abdon (12:8-15) j. Samson (13-16) k. The "Dark Ages" of the Judges (17-21) l. Micah, the "priest," and the Danites (17-18) m. Perversion in Israel (19-21)
The book of Judges covers about 300 years of Israel's darkest days and is thought to have been written by Samuel. After the generation of Joshua died, the people fell into idolatry and sin, for which God would punish them. When they cried out for a deliverer, God sent a judge to rescue them and then rule over them. But when that faithful man died, the process would repeat itself (2:11-19). This book does not make man look good. God's people prove themselves to be faithless time after time, yet God is patient, loving, and forgiving (though not without limits). The book closes with two sorrowful incidents which are typical of what life is like when people do that which is "right" in their own eyes (17:6; 21:25).
4:4-5, 8-9 Deborah, the humble judge. 5:1-31 Deborah, a mother in Israel, sings a song of victory (especially verse 7). 5:23 "Curse Meroz...." 6:17-24 Gideon asks for evidence that God is with him (see also 6:36-40; 7:9-14). 8:23 "...the Lord shall rule over you." 8:24-27 Gideon's foolish act (see also 33-35). 8:1-3; 12:1-6 The complaints of the Ephraimites. 9:7-21 The parable. 14:1-3 Samson and women (see also 16:1-3; 16:4-20). 19:22-28 Homosexuals in Gibeah. The irony is seen in 19:11-12.
13:8 "...teach us what we shall do for the child who will be born?" 21:25 "In those days there was no king in Israel; every man did what was right in his own eyes."

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