Compiled by: Gary W. Summers



1. Nehemiah's Declaration to Rebuild the Walls (1-2) 2. Building Amidst Opposition (3-4) 3. Brethren Charging Usury to One Another (5) 4. Attempts to Stop the Work Fail (6) 5. Genealogy of Those Who Had Returned (7) 6. The Law is Read, and the People Worship (8-9) 7. The People's Agreement to Set Things in Proper Order (10-12) 8. Five Problems Nehemiah Must Correct (13) a. Foreigners in the Assembly (13:1-3) b. Tobiah is Thrown Out of the Temple (13:4-9) c. The Portion for the Levites is Restored (13:10-14) d. Respect for the Sabbath Day is Restored (13:15-22) e. Marrying Those Outside of Israel (13:23-31)
Nehemiah is the king's cupbearer, which is a prestigious job. But he is not content to bask in ease while the walls of Jerusalem remain torn down. He makes it his mission to rebuild the walls of the city despite the opposition he faces. Obedience to the Law and true worship are his concerns, and when he finds the law of God being violated, he immediately sets about to fix it. Ezra returned in 457 B.C., and it is estimated that Nehemiah came in 444 B.C. There are no "lowlights" because even though there were problems (both external and internal), they were always overcome. Nehemiah refused to fall for any of the enemies' strategies; the walls were rebuilt. All the problems the Jews created for themselves Nehemiah also handled, insisting that they do all things right. He either convinced them of the truth, or they were afraid to oppose him.
4:2-5 Mockery and Response. 4:17 Working While Holding a Weapon. 4:20 "...Our God will fight for us." 8:4 The Source for our Worship Tradition Today? 8:8 Giving the Sense So They Could Understand the Reading. 8:10 "...for the joy of the Lord is your strength." 9:33 "...For You have dealt faithfully, but we have done wickedly."
4:6 "...for the people had a mind to work." 4:14 "...'Do not be afraid of them; remember the Lord...." 6:8-9 The Antidote to Discouragement. 6:15-16 The Wall is Completed in 52 Days. Its Restoration was of God. 13:4-9 Tobiah is Thrown Out of the Temple-He was an Enemy of God.
1. Accusation of Rebellion (2:19). Response-"...God...will prosper us" (2:20). 2. Enemies Full of Fury and Indignation (4:1, 7). Response-Prayer (4:9). 3. Ridicule (2:19; 4:1-3). Response-Turn the problem over to God (4:4-5). 4. Conspiracy to Fight Against Them (4:8, 11-12). Response-Defense/God's power (4:13-14). 5. Conspiracy Against Nehemiah (6:1-2, 4). Response-I can not leave this great work (6:3). 6. Slander (6:5-7). Response-You made it up; God will strengthen us (6:8-9). 7. Fear (6:10). Response-Faith (6:11-13).

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