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Naomi Ruth 1. Naomi's Entrance and Bitterness Loyalty Exit from Moab. 2. Ruth Earns a Living Awareness Industry for Her and Naomi. 3. Naomi's Plan for Hopefulness Opportunity Future Security. 4. The Marriage of Ruth; Blessedness Reciprocity The Lineage of Naomi.
During the dark days of the era of the judges shines one bright ray, and she is a Gentile (which doesn't say too much in favor of the Israelites). In fact, this story serves as quite a contrast to the last two episodes in the book of Judges. In those we observe the sad behavior of the "people of God"; in Ruth we see the kindness and loyalty of a Gentile. A Hebrew family, because of a famine dwells in the land of Moab. Naomi's husband and two sons die; so Naomi purposes to return to Israel. She does not want to obligate her daughters-in-law; she encourages them to remain behind. Orpah does, but Ruth refuses to leave her with one of the most beautiful vows ever written. Ruth goes to the fields to glean for herself and Naomi. Boaz takes an interest in her, and they agree to marry if the nearer kinsmen will yield. Ruth is commended by Boaz and blessed by God. She is greatly rewarded for her unselfish behavior. Her great grandson is David.
1:16-17 Total Loyalty for Her Mother-in-Law. 1:20 The Contrast between Pleasant and Bitter. 1:21 Whom does Naomi blame for her "Emptiness"?
Frank Dunn, in Know Your Bible, suggests the following points: 1. Boaz is a type of Christ, not only as redeemer, but as the Lord of harvest (2:3), dispenser of bread (3:15), kinsman-redeemer (2:20), giver of rest (3:1), man of wealth (2:1), and our strength. 2. Another lesson from Ruth is that circumstances neither make nor destroy believers. Neither Ruth's poverty nor Boaz's wealth turned them from God. 3. In the example of humble submission to God's will, we see in Naomi, Ruth and Boaz that faith is the test of discipleship. 4. We also see the great value of trusting God. He will reward the righteous (Matt. 25:46; 2 John 8 (114-15).

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