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South Seminole church of Christ (Central Florida)

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South Seminole Church of Christ meets at:

5410 Lake Howell Rd.
Winter Park, FL 32792
Map to the building.

Our church family.

Regular services:
9am Bible Study
10am Worship
6pm Worship
7:15pm Bible Study

Gary Summers

David Carter
Gary Summers

Missionaries we support:
Mike Demory (Iowa)
Stacy Ferguson (Pacific)
Brad Green (Tennessee)
Junot Joseph (Miami)
Samson Octobre (Philippines)
Rocco Pierce (Am. Samoa)
Johnny Robertson (Virginia)
Roelf Ruffner (Tennessee)
Scott Shanahan (Micronesia)
Todd Storks (Georgia)
Kerry Sword (Kiev)
Joey Treat (South Pacific)

Travis' Pacific Mission Trip pictures

Guy's Pacific Mission Trip pictures

Noah's Ark: Come see our sixteen foot scale model of Noah's ark.

Movie Night once per month (call for dates). Subjects like America's Godly Heritage, Creation vs. Evolution, Abortion, and other entertaining movies that give God the glory. Free meal and movie (after our Sunday evening worship).

Notes for the Margin of your Bible.

How Did Noah Fit All Those Animals On The Ark? And What About The DINOSAURS? (300kbps)

Do Bible Believers Do Better Science? (High Speed 300 kbps)
(Low Speed 50 kbps)


This web site is brought to you by the South Seminole Church of Christ
that meets in Winter Park Florida. We would love to hear from you.
Call us at 407-657-0657 or 407-671-0443

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